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Fort Collins Festivals: Pristine femininity at Colorado State University

Fort Collins adds one or two festivals to its calendar every year. Music, warm beer, sticky food.
But for beauty and grace, none match the May Fete at CSU in the 1920s–an annual display of “pristine femininity.” 

 ”From the shrubbery, the fairies stole forth…Pan and his dancing nymphs, the four winds, moonbeams, and Neptune’s mermaids floated across [...]

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Andy Warhol befriends local cow

Real pop art in Fort Collins? You betcha! An Andy Warhol soup right in front of the old high school on Remington. See? We’re not a bunch of hicks.

Here’s how we got the lawn art:

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Seriously wide streets

Nobody articulates the cultural oppression of mid-century Fort Collins better than the unfortunate Bertram Wyatt Brown, a Baltimore academic who took his first job in 1964 at Colorado State University.

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Barack Obama comes to Fort Collins

 I went to the Barack Obama rally today. I don’t stand in lines when I can avoid it, so listened from the railroad tracks that run by the Oval. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to have a moment:
I heard a woman ask, as she passed, “what happens if a train comes?” My companion [...]

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Trouble at the frat house

Sigma alpha epsilon at CSU lost its charter. I think it was for getting teenage girls drunk–like, go to the emergency room drunk. Now the 1926 frat house is being replaced with something else, says the Coloradoan.  
See those crumbling walls beside the stair? They used to hold the golden lions.

And sometimes those lions were painted red –  [...]

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