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Writing Lost Fort Collins has been a load of fun. In fact, it’s been an obsession. But lately,  just about every part of my life has changed. My work is drying up, my family is transitioning, and I’m ready for some change.

So, I’m moving on. To Bismarck, North Dakota, of all places.

But before I go, let me say this: It is an honor to be read, and especially to have others participate in my enthusiasm. Many of you told stories, asked questions, sent photos, or offered up ideas. Lately, you’re not even talking to me anymore, but to each other.  I love that.  Many of you contributed history of  Fort Collins that otherwise had never been captured.

I’m prouder of Lost Fort Collins than almost anything else I’ve ever done. Thanks for being part of it.


P.S. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to friend me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/catmcc) or write cat at lostfortcollins.com

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Cunningham Corner Band plans reunion

A couple months ago, Lost Fort Collins posted a story about 1970s band Cunningham Corner. That article sparked “a lot of e-mails and phone numbers … exchanged from countless friends of the band,” says Kevin Donnelly.

Now, the band plans a reunion! Probably in Los Angeles, probably Spring or Summer, says Donnelly.

According to Doug White, the following members are already on board:
Kevin Donnally
David Fuog
Scott Galbraith
Jimmy Davenport
Craig Karp
Jim Thompson
Tom Buckman
Pete Wasner
Don Kuhli
Lee Rabacheck

But that’s not everybody. The band is looking for anyone who ever played with the group. If you know any former members, White says contact any of the members, or write Doug directly at imdoug at comcast.net.

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That’s right, I said CHRISTMAS. Colored lights, Stars, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. In the 1950s, the whole town celebrated Christmas unapologetically. And Ruth B. Dermody took pictures to prove it. Click through to see holiday details. Is that a nativity in front of the courthouse?

City Hall. It doesn't look much different now.

College Avenue. Even without holiday lights, downtown was brighter with neon signs.

Our unloved mid-century courthouse. 1957-1999


All photos by Ruth B. Dermody.

Thanks to Jim Burrill for letting me use them. Jim has lots more family photos in and around Fort Collins at his blog http://lapoudre.multiply.com/journal

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