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Overgrown racetrack with glassed in grandstand

Overgrown racetrack with glassed in grandstand

Cloverleaf stopped racing dogs in 2007. Surrounded by the new hospital, Centerra Lifestyle Center, and even the failing outlet mall, the 50-year-old racetrack sold last year.

The Medical Center of the Rockies bought the lot. I know that because if you try to explore the ruins, a security guard from the hospital finds you in a couple minutes. She says they will tear it down. Recycle everything. Build a new hospital building all out of recycled material. And then she’ll run you off.

She also says, no you can’t take pictures. I had to photograph from the frontage road by I-25.

Lucky for us, Defunct Playgrounds got some good ones here: http://defunctplaygrounds.com/cloverleaf.php

Elemental Imaging got great ones too.



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